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At Home Hair Removal with No!No!

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Many people have been paying tens of thousands of dollars to get laser hair removal done at a clinic by a professional. That is why several products are now being made in the hair removal industry that use the same kind of technology to allow oneself to apply laser hair removal at home.

How does laser hair removal even work, you may ask yourself? Well, it is done through a process using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). A combination of light and heat make up the laser. As this light beam is glided over areas of hair, the follicle of hair is destroyed at the root. However, many hairs that are dormant at the time are unaffected, which is why this process needs to be done every week for a few months until the hair is all gone.The laser is designed to target the dark pigment, melanin, in the skin that is responsible for hair growth. Because of this, laser hair removal is only applicable on people with lighter skin and darker hair. It will not be very effective on someone who has blonde hair or someone with dark skin.